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Weekend Update: T-Minus 4 Weeks

April 25, 2010

This is a quick weekend update following the progress of my upcoming XBox Indie game, Starlight.


Well, the largest amount of development time this past week has been dedicated to the menu system. Building it wasn’t the easiest task, but this far into the project I’m not as worried about efficiency. Ideally, I would have created a better system for creating the menus early on, but I’ll just have to save that for next time. I still need to create the content for the menus, but the shell is completed.

XBox 360

One pretty significant step I made this week was porting the game from my PC to the XBox. Before now, it’s been a PC game using an XBox controller, but because it’s a release for the Indie game service, I had to bring it over. Here’s how it looks so far:



Only the very basics are done, and there are still a lot of display issues to solve. The menus, for instance, take a pretty big hit:



As you can see, the entire bottom is cut off. I’ll need to take a pretty in-depth look at how the sizes and proportions are initialized to fix this issue. Once that’s done, I can start thinking about working on other XBox specific functions, such as memory unit/hard drive access and saving.

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